The Hair Wigs

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Ok, let’s get this clear. I love hair. All kinds of hair. Long, short, curly, straight, colored, natural, whatever. I’ve loved to play with my hair and my friend’s hair since I was little.

I would take my mom’s scrunchies (ya, 1980s) and I would make all sorts of hairstyles. I saw pictures of my mom with a side ponytail which I thought was just sick. So, I would make the same styles for me and my girlfriends.

When I got older, I learned about hair extensions. Anyone who looks at pictures from the late 1990s and early 2000s will see that it was all about the hair extension. Some of them looked great and some were brutally nasty.

I had a friend who bought her first set of extensions and didn’t know there was a difference between the real human hair and synthetic, man-made ones.  Epic fail. She got those nasty fake ones and had herself a weave done.

Uh uh.

Bad mistake. It kinda looked like someone puked on her hair and she couldn’t get it out. The texture was nasty.

They were stringy and just looked bad. She had them taken out a week later cause we couldn’t stop teasing her about how much her new weave looked like a horse’s tail complete with the crap attached.

Ok, we weren’t nice and I get that she was really upset. But she got over it and we still laugh about it today.

So, that mistake made all of think a little more about the difference between fake and real hair. What did we want and which looked best?

This also applies to wigs. You can go to some cheap dollar store and pick up a wig that’s all synthetic and some weird color.

That’s great for Halloween but ain’t gonna work for going out clubbing where you hair not only has to look good but it has to be able to stand up to you grinding it on the dance floor. I’ll add that my friends and I live in Greensboro, NC and there’s lots of hot nightlife to enjoy here.

Best thing to do here is talk about the difference between fake hair extensions and wigs and real hair weaves and wigs.

Fake Hair Wigs

I don’t think there’s much I have to say about how crappy the fake hair weaves and wigs look. They don’t look natural at all. First of all, the colors look bad.

Like a really bad dye job. Just bad. Then, the texture looks fake all the way. Nothing you do to it will make it look natural. I know some people try to put hair ties, bandanas, and other things in their hair to try to make it look more natural.

Sometimes it kinda works. Mostly it just looks nasty.

The only time I would buy a fake hair weave or wig is if I was going to a Halloween party or I wanted something cheap and didn’t care if it got trashed.

That would be it.

They’re great if your wanting something to just slap on your head and go. That’s the advantage of fake hair. You don’t style it.

You just put it on your head and go. And the price is great cause they are cheap.

So, here’s a story of a time when I was glad that I had a cheapie wig on my head. My girls and I were going out for Halloween.

We had rented a limo from Limo Service Greensboro to drive us to the club. We were hitting it and looking fierce. I usually only buy real hair wigs so I can style them but my costume was of Claudine from Monster High and I didn’t want to use one of my good wigs.

So I went to a party shop and found the right wig (it came with the costume). I put this nasty thing on and off we went. I still looked fierce in my fake wig.

So, like, we were in the limo having a few drinks and starting to party. Jaynene thought it would be cool to open the sunroof and stick out our heads and shout at the losers who were walking.

It was sick and we were having a blast until a friggin huge truck drove by us and the wind from it blew my wig off my head.


I was pissed. I couldn’t believe that drunk done blow my wig right off my head. So now, what do I do?

I was mad.

I pulled my head back into that limo and cursed that guy out. Anyway, I ended up having to redo my hair and my girls were so good in helping me to style it.

Any of the party stores were closed so I couldn’t go buy me a new wig. I had to just make it work. I ended up going to the club and met some gorgeous piece of work named Sybian who didn’t even notice that it was my real hair and that it wasn’t part of the costume.

Honestly I think he was so hammered that I could have had that nasty cheap wig on and he wouldn’t have even noticed the difference.

So, here’s what I learned about cheap, fake wigs.

  • Wear them if you’re thinking they might get trashed. They are perfect for just slapping on your head and going out the door and not caring about whether they last. Just grab and go
  • Don’t be thinking they’ll ever look good. They won’t
  • They’re great if you don’t care


Real Hair Wigs

Ok, I’m telling you this is the real deal. You wanna look fierce?  Buy yourself a real hair weave or wig. Now, I have a friend who had cancer and lost her hair. She didn’t know that she could buy a real hair wig and that she could by Asian hair.

Asian hair is really straight which is awesome if you’re wanting to rock a ponytail or just keep your hair flowin. There are different kinds of real hair you can buy. And by real hair, I mean that it was on someone’s head and grew there.

So, here are the 3 types of hair

  • White people’s hair
  • Asian people’s hair
  • Indian people’s hair


White people’s hair is the most expensive. It is premium. I was reading that it is the hardest to find cause they don’t cut it to sell. Most white people go to have their haircut but aren’t chopping off lots of it so that they can sell it.

Asian hair is cool. It is really straight meaning you can style it pretty much how you want. It’s not as thick as Indian hair which usually has some kinda wave to it.

I have 2 Asian wigs that I LOVE. They are perfect for rockin a ponytail. They move really well and aren’t to thick. Mine are sick.

I have a friend who bought Indian hair. She doesn’t want her hair to be too straight and likes a wave in it. Her wig is super thick. Crazy thick.

If she wants to add more curl, so easy to do. She has also added red color to her hair and it is sick. If she’s tired of it, I’ll ask her if I can have it. The curls look great.

Ok, so this is the great thing about real hair weaves and wigs. You can wash them. Just like you’re real hair, you can wash them, color them and even cut them. But they don’t grow back if you cut them to short so be careful with the scissors.

You just use special shampoo cause you want it to look good. I use Paula Young shampoo for my wigs. Makes them look great. I think its worth the money cause I spent a lot on my wigs and they are going to look great all the time.

Get a good conditioner too. I use Paula Young conditioner too. Makes my wig hair really soft and easy to comb.

I forgot to say that you can wash fake hair too. Just look on the internet and find a shampoo and conditioner you like and watch this video below…

I don’t have fake hair weaves or wigs so I can’t say which is the best. You gotta discover that on your own. I would check out some of the reviews people have left and see which shampoo and conditioner are the best.

I also have really good combs and brushes for my real hair wigs. You gotta be treating them with the best there is. I look after my babies and make sure they got it good. I have my stand and put them on there every night so they look sweet in the morning.

If you’re gonna spend the money, get yourself a real hair wig. You wanna look fierce and you want your man to love how you look. But he ain’t allowed to be touchin my hair. Let’s make that clear.

He can look, but he can’t touch 😉

Make sure you treat your wigs well and don’t be letting anyone touch them. Unless you’re getting them cut and you want gentle hands.